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Drivers Licence for International Students

girl in yellow carNew overseas drivers licence holders. Need to check with road transport to determine whether they qualify to apply for an Australian driver's licence without a test. If they do not qualify they need to apply to Registration and Road Transport for a learner’s permit. Normal standard procedures apply. A learner's written test is needed to obtain a permit.

International drivers licence holders are allowed to drive on the road until their allotted time expires. They can however apply for an Australian driving licence in this time.

When they apply, they will be issued with a permit (section 80) which allows them 4 weeks to sit the vehicle on road tested (VORT) for a car licence.

If retraining is needed, it is advised that the entire retraining takes place before a section 80 permit is issued. This allows ample time to be tested within the 4 weeks that follow. It is recommended that a minimum 2-hour lesson be taken in preparation for a VORT test The average time required to train a student for a VORT test depends on the skill level of the student.