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Log Book / VORT to obtain your drivers licence

The Accredited Driving Instructor will conduct the training in accordance with the Competency Based Training (CBT) Course as laid down by Transport SA. 

As the learner successfully completes each task in the CBT course, the achievement of each task will be recorded in the Log Book by the Accredited Instructor. 

The Log Book contains 30 tasks and is divided into 4 Units
1. Basic Driving Procedures
2. Slow Speed Manoeuvres
3. Basic Road Skills
4. Traffic Management 

Successful completion of all 30 Tasks will result in the training course being completed and the issue of a Certificate of Competency to obtain a driver's licence. 

Basic Driving Procedures 
1. Cabin drill and controls 
2. Starting and shutting down the engine 
3. Moving off from the kerb 
4. Stopping and securing the vehicle 
5. Stop and go (using the handbrake) 
6. Gear changing (up and down) 
7. Steering (forward and reverse) 
8. Review of all the basic driving procedures Slow Speed Manoeuvres
9. Stopping and moving off on a hill 
10. The simple 'U' turn 
11. The three (3) point turn 
12. 90 degree angle park (front to kerb) 
13. Reverse parallel parking 
14. Review of all slow speed manoeuvres Basic Road Skills 
15. Vehicle road positioning 
16. Lane changing and diverging 
17. Turning at corners 
18. Turning on and off laned roads 
19. Turning at roundabouts 
20. Negotiating traffic lights 
21. Light urban traffic driving 
22. Country driving Traffic Management 
23. Safe driving strategies 
24. Lane changing and diverging 
25. Turning in traffic 
26. Managing traffic roundabouts 
27. 'U' turn in traffic 
28. Negotiating traffic lights in traffic 
29. Driving on unsealed roads Final Training Reviews 
29. Review of basic driving skills 
30. Traffic management review

Once each task has been assessed to the required standard it will be signed off by the Accredited driving instructor and the learner driver.